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Speeding is a driving behavior that can put one at risk. It can be tempting at times to pay for the fine instead of fighting the ticket – but the offences that result from this can turn out higher than the ticket. Real costs become apparent should you plead guilty and pay the ticket, from damaging your driving record due to demerit points (based on how many kilometers over the speed limit you are guilty of traveling) to the strain of higher vehicle insurance for three years at the very least.

Additionally, you can be charged with careless driving, stunt driving, racing and/or excessive speed if you were found travelling at 50 or more kilometers per hour over the limit. Minimum fine ranges from $,2000 and potential licence suspension.

Options to fight speeding tickets:

  • Take the trial option listed on the back of your speeding ticket. This gives you the chance to set a date and fight the ticket in traffic court.
  • Hire a legal defence team specialized in fighting speeding tickets in court. This minimizes costs of your speeding ticket and reduces any and all demerit points, fines and insurance rate increases. Your legal team will check every evidence required and follow court procedures to fight for the best results possible.