Seatbelt Violations Ticket in Calgary


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Demerit points aren’t usually issued to people driving with an inoperative seatbelt or when facing a charge as a passenger not wearing a seatbelt, but any other infraction can carry two demerit points against your driver’s license. A legal team can prepare for every seatbelt case by ordering and reviewing police officer’s notes and disclosure evidence before your case is presented in the courtroom.

Seatbelt infractions are listed off as

  • Drivers or passengers of a motor vehicle not wearing their seatbelts properly
  • Drivers not ensuring that passengers under the age of 16 are wearing seatbelts while in a moving vehicle
  • Drivers not ensuring a child passenger or toddler is secured by a seatbelt while in a moving vehicle
  • Driving a vehicle with an inoperative/removed seatbelt

There a couple of exceptions to wearing a seatbelt, such as driving a motor vehicle in reverse, medical reasons (with a certificate from a medical practitioner), and being engaged in work that requires exiting from your vehicle at frequent intervals (as long as length of travel doesn’t extend past 40 km/hour).